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The Aces Audio Podcast #003: Stephanie Welch – Tribal Living For A Modern World

In this episode, I chat with my good friend Stephanie Welch about a wide range of topics in the ancestral health space.

Stephanie is a disruptive anthropologist, ancestral health advocate, and pioneer of Evolutionary Feminism. Her work dives deep into commonly held beliefs and taboos that prevent us from attaining our full human potential.

She has examined and regularly teaches about wide ranging topics including: what constitutes a species appropriate diet; the benefits of walking and running barefoot; the detrimental effects of male circumcision; and masculine and feminine interpersonal dynamics in tribal versus modern society.

Her background includes a B.A. in Classics and M.A. in Art History, many years as a professional massage therapist, and she is now a regular speaker at the Ancestral Health Symposium.

You can find Stephanie Welch online at and on Patreon at

Episode Highlights include:

* Origins of
Evolutionary Feminism

* Evolutionary Design - intersections of science and spirituality

* Back Pain - alignment and inflammation

* Circumcision and foreskin "restoration"

* The fundamental difference between men and women

Stephanie's AHS19 talk on Tribal Living - societal pressures on romantic relationships

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Cheers, Chad

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