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The Aces Audio Podcast #003: Stephanie Welch – Tribal Living For A Modern World

In this episode, I chat with my good friend Stephanie Welch about a wide range of topics in the ancestral health space.Stephanie is a disruptive anthropologist, ancestral health advocate, and pioneer of Evolutionary Feminism. Her work dives deep into commonly held beliefs and taboos that prevent us from attaining our full human potential.She has examined […]

The Aces Audio Podcast #002: Natasha Hawthorn – Heart-Driven Light Goddess

In this second episode, I interview Natasha Hawthorn: CSO and Co-founder of Anabolic Aces Health Consulting, my personal and professional partner in life, and wonderfully inspiring Heart-Driven Light Goddess.Highlights include: * Immigrating from Russia – culture shock and the “American veneer”. * Professional background in Medicinal Chemistry Research. * Suburban Stagnation and Monotony. * Pole Dance and Aerial Arts […]

The Aces Audio Podcast #001: Chad T Grant on “The Why” behind Aces Audio

In this inaugural episode, Chad does a solo monologue to introduce the concept and backstory behind the Aces Audio podcast.Highlights include:* A walkthrough of Chad’s Health Journey.* High-level goals to bring you stimulating and thought-provoking content.* Chad’s current and future ambitions as the CEO of Anabolic Aces Health Consulting.* Tangential discourse regarding evolutionary psychology, functional […]