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This program combines cutting-edge functional lab testing with expert analysis, customized supplement protocols, online education, and 1-on-1 coaching.

This comprehensive process will identify and address root causes of chronic health symptoms to feel strong and enjoy a higher quality of life.

  • Tired of hearing your bloodwork is "normal" but don't feel normal?
  • Seen multiple doctors who are pushing unwanted drugs or surgery
  • Wondering why Paleo, Keto, or Fasting didn't resolve all your health issues?
  • Frustrated after trying dozens of supplements with poor results?
  • Already living a healthy lifestyle but know there is still missing something?


We've been there before and we designed the Data Driven Health Accelerator™ to break through these frustrating blocking factors

While Chad and Natasha now maintain vibrant health year-after-year, things weren't always this way. For decades they suffered from brain fog, anxiety, indigestion, sinus congestion, skin conditions, weight gain, and back pain from stressful jobs, hidden food sensitivities, poor sleep, and prescription drug side effects.

After years of initial frustration trying resolve their symptoms going to conventional doctors, Chad and Natasha spent 5 years researching natural health alternatives before finally discovering the REAL PROBLEM:

Solving Complex Health Problems Requires A Deep Dataset To Design Effective Solutions

We realized that even our well-meaning natural practitioners were severely limited by their insurance-based business models which still pushed them to run "standard bloodwork" when a comprehensive set of functional lab tests would have provided a more efficient path to healing.

How Is This Program Different From Other Health Solutions?

As Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners, we use a much deeper process than other conventional and alternative health providers. Instead of focusing on surface-level symptoms, we use a holistic approach which gathers data on ALL body systems simultaneously to identify specific healing opportunities.

These evidence-based methods have been proven in over 10,000 client cases over 20 years to naturally balance blood sugar, digestion, hormones, and detoxification to remove the blocking factors to vibrant health that other programs miss.

We also use the latest research in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to address underlying issues with motivation, mood and appetite regulation, and effective habit building.

Which Functional Lab Tests Do You Use?

We continually evaluate and offer only the most cutting-edge functional lab tests available which provide us with a deep data set of quantitative biomarkers - a detailed "snapshot" of all your critical body systems.

During the first few weeks of our program, you'll complete 1 lab blood draw and 1 home stool test kit.

6 blood chemistry Tests

We use industry-leading data visualization software to analyze hundreds of blood markers for hormones, blood sugar, thyroid, detox, vitamins & minerals, omega 3 fats, and more to find functional patterns others missed which slow healing

5 Food SENSITIVITy blood Tests

By combining 1 whole foods panel with peptide-level testing for 4 key food protein groups, we find the hidden causes of leaky gut that drive chronic inflammation

1 Gut Health stool Test

We use comprehensive data from whole genome sequencing technology to help identify gut infections, rebuild immunity, restore digestion, and improve nutrient absorption for rapid healing

That's it! We handle ALL of your test results interpretations and develop your matching daily supplement protocol so you can focus on what matters most - making sustainable lifestyle changes to heal your body.

About a month after you submit your samples, you'll receive your results and customized recommendations through our client management software to keep things organized and efficient. 

Then, you'll purchase your recommended 6-12 supplements from our online supplement dispensaries to comprehensively support your unique biochemistry for truly effective healing.

What Else Do I Need To Do?

The Data Driven Health Accelerator™ is designed to work for real people with real lives.

Instead of spending years reading books and articles, our online courses provide curated content and cutting-edge strategies from experts in functional medicine, nutrition, and human biochemistry to help maximize the results from your investments in testing and supplements

And mostly importantly, we cultivate genuine, personal relationships with each of our clients and consider it an honor to be a part of your healing journey. In addition to the online course, you'll also have access to our private Facebook Group, 1-on-1 coaching calls, and unlimited Direct Messaging.

Will This Really Work For Me?

Everything in the Data Driven Health Accelerator™ program has been carefully designed from 10 years of experience learning what works and what doesn't for effectively restoring human health.

In addition to restoring their own health, Chad and Natasha have successfully helped dozens of clients improve their health.

Chad and Natasha get more into the details than any other health professional I have been to before. I was already really health conscious, but without enough data I was "trying everything without knowing anything"! 

Now my chronic back pain, digestion, and energy levels are much better. My overall understanding of what really matters in health has increased to a whole new level.

Chris W Creative Director, Soundsmith Wurden


I am super grateful that after working with Chad and Natasha, my joint pain is gone, digestive discomfort is managed, and energy and clarity are at an all-time high.

Their attention to detail is above and beyond. The care and commitment they show for their clients and their craft is unmatched. I know this is why I’ve had such life changing results. 

Amy L - Owner / CEO, Fusion Fitness

Chad and Natasha have incredible passion and deep knowledge about nutrition and how to help people obtain their peak performance. I learned more than I could have imagined about how to eat better and be healthier.

And most importantly, I started seeing the results I was hoping for! I definitely got more toned, have fewer digestive issues, and maintain lots of energy.

Andy C - Senior Director of UX, Smart Technologies

What Do I Get?

  • Functional Lab Testing - Actionable data that far surpasses the "standard" bloodwork done by conventional practitioners ($3,000 value)
  • Online Course - Lifetime access to our best content from 10 years of research in evidence-based functional medicine  ($10,000 value)
  • Case History Evaluation - our intake forms use deep qualitative data to find the hidden healing opportunities others missed ($2,000 value)
  • Expert Lab Test Analysis - your quantitative lab test data will be carefully analyzed by our team of functional health experts ($3,000 value)
  • Customized Lifestyle & Supplement Protocol - maximize your health with data-driven solutions that finally get real results ($3000 value)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls - support and accountability to execute your personalized health action plan ($4000 value)
  • Private Facebook Group - guidance and answers to your questions = you're never stuck or alone - we have your back ($2000 value)

TOTAL VALUE = $27,000

How Much Is It Worth To ELIMINATE Chronic Health Issues...?

Data driven health accelerator™


3-Month Program



/ 3 months

  • 1 Lab Test ($399 paid to lab)
  • 1-Module Online Course
  • 3 Coaching Calls
  • Case Review - Full Intake
  • Custom Supplement Protocol

12-Month Program



/ 5 months

  • 3 Lab Tests ($1199 paid to lab)
  • 6-Module Online Course
  • 9 Coaching Calls
  • Case Review - Full Intake
  • Custom Supplement Protocol
  • Lab Re-Testing Analysis

3-Month Program


  • 1 Lab Test ($399 paid to lab)
  • 1-Module Online Course
  • 3 Coaching Calls
  • Case Review - Full Intake
  • Custom Supplement Protocol

12-Month Program


  • 3 Lab Tests ($1199 paid to lab)
  • 6-Module Online Course
  • 9 Coaching Calls
  • Case Review - Full Intake
  • Custom Supplement Protocol
  • Lab Re-Testing Analysis

What Results Can I Expect?

It’s impossible (and irresponsible) for us to guarantee any specific outcome. Your results are your responsibility and may differ from other clients’ results. 

That being said, this coaching program is designed to empower you to get clear on the root causes of your health conditions and to make sustainable changes to move through life with ease and show up as your best self for your family, friends, coworkers, and community.

When committed to doing the work, course correcting where necessary, and sticking to the process, our clients get relief from their symptoms faster than anything else they have ever tried

Whether that happens in a week or several months is hard to forecast, but our clients often observe improved well-being within a few weeks (or even days) when we identify and address their largest healing opportunities.

We can promise that you’ll be fully supported each step of the way. We take your results very seriously. If you do as well, then this will be a great partnership.

Interview Video - Chad and Natasha's Functional Health Approach

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