The Love Yourself Lean Program | Anabolic Aces Health Consulting
  • Are you confused after trying multiple diets and supplements with poor results?
  • Are sugar and carb cravings making it feel impossible to stick to your diet?
  • Are you losing motivation to keep eating healthy after cheat meals?
  • Are your kids and partner pushing to stock your pantry with unhealthy snacks?
  • Do you struggle getting consistent workouts with your busy lifestyle?
  • Do you feel that your body doesn't burn fat like it should?


We've been there before and we designed the Love Yourself Lean Program™ to break through these frustrating blocking factors

While Chad now maintains lean body composition year-after-year, things weren't always this way. During his college years, he gained 65 pounds of body fat through a "beer and pizza diet" full of processed foods, poor sleep hygiene, and sedentary lifestyle.

After years of initial frustration when looking in the mirror, Chad read dozens of books and tried multiple weight loss strategies before finally discovering the REAL PROBLEM with most weight loss solutions: 

Conventional Diet and Exercise Plans Are TOO HARD Because They Work AGAINST Your Body

After using NEW holistic nutrition and functional movement strategies, Chad lost all 65 pounds of extra body fat and gained extra muscle during the first 4 years of his journey.

Chad BEFORE - 225 lbs

Chad AFTER - 170 lbs

Even more impressively, he has maintained his new physique for the past 6 years by following a flexible and intuitive diet plan, eating flavorful and satisfying meals, and doing less than 15 minutes of body-weight exercise per day that can be done at any age or fitness level.

How Is This Program Different From Other Weight Loss Solutions I've Tried?

As Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners, we use a much deeper process than many traditional "weight loss coaches". Instead of focusing on surface-level symptoms, our holistic approach to sustainable weight loss recognizes that the whole body must be in balance to efficiently burn stored body fat.

Our evidence-based, proven methods naturally balance blood sugar, digestion, hormones, and detoxification to remove the blocking factors to losing body fat that other programs miss.

We also use the latest research in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to address underlying issues with appetite regulation, emotional eating, and habit building.

What Will I Need To Do?

While many diet and exercise programs seem better suited for supermodels or professional athletes, the Love Yourself Lean™ program is designed to work for real people with real lives.

Our 3-Month Coaching Program combines an online course and 1-on-1 support to help you predictably boost fat loss, energy levels, and mental focus - all without complicated calorie counting or endless workouts.

Instead of spending years reading books and articles, our online course provides curated content and cutting-edge strategies from experts in functional medicine, nutrition, and human biochemistry.

Program Overview

Detailed Video Content

And mostly importantly, we cultivate genuine, personal relationships with each of our clients and consider it an honor to be a part of your healing journey. In addition to the online course, you'll also have access to our private Facebook Group and 3 Coaching Calls.


3-Month Coaching Program

  • Online Course - deep education on gut health, mindset, and detox   
  • Nutrition Guide and Recipes - effortless meal planning
  • 3 Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Direct Messaging - Q&A and support with food cravings
  • Private Facebook Group - community discussions and resources
  • Cutting-edge Supplements - burn body fat and boost brain function (optional)

What Are The Next Steps To Continue My Weight Loss Journey?

During the 3-Month program, you'll learn the foundational strategies to sustainably lose excess body fat. After that, we have options for lab testing and program upgrades for ongoing support and accountability to keep up the momentum towards your goal weight.

But Will This Really Work For Me?

Everything in the Love Yourself Lean program has been carefully designed from 10 years of experience learning what works and what doesn't for sustainable fat loss.

Chad and Natasha have successfully helped dozens of concierge health coaching clients lose weight, improve energy, and increase mental sharpness. Check out some of our other Success Stories to see more of our work in action.