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Natasha Hawthorn’s Health Journey

Hi!  I am a mom to 2 kids that I birthed, and 1 step-son. Being athletic and active my whole life, I was skinny. Like, really skinny. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. Everyone has body image issues regardless of their actual body composition. People used to call me “skinny bitch” and make fun of me for it. I didn’t have extra weight to lose but the comments hurt just the same.

Like many others who are thin, I operated under the (false!) assumption that all I needed to do was to avoid eating fat. Meat was largely absent from my diet for a while. Quality of ingredients was not on my radar. Years of not paying attention to my diet and suffering injuries from my athletic endeavors were beginning to take their toll on my body. 

I looked undernourished and suffered from daily lower back pain that was like a toxic friend that hung around for about 2 decades. Countless visits to all manner of professionals, from chiropractors and massage therapists to back surgeons, yielded no results aside from occasional temporary pain relief.

When my kids were toddlers, I started making changes in my diet, paying closer attention to what I ate. I took up Pilates hoping to find relief from my back pain. A couple of years later I was introduced Pole Dance and Aerial Arts. The back pain persisted but by now I was so fed up with it that I started trying to simply pretend it wasn’t there. I just kept pushing through it. Pushing through the pain, pushing through the fatigue, trying to find ease and fluidity in my movement, attempting to replicate what I saw other dancers do. It wasn’t always pretty but I kept going. 

With the discovery of the Pole and Aerial culture, came a transformation that I did not know I was seeking. My femininity and sexuality came out to play right along side with my growing muscles.

It was a wonderful journey of self-discovery, filled with joy, tears, new friendships, athletic achievements, and self-actualization. All while deflecting the “skinny bitch”-type comments, ignoring daily mild to severe back pain, ignoring insomnia, ignoring fatigue.

While I liked what I saw in the mirror, I knew I could look more filled out, more sexy, more vibrant.

  • moon-o
    Insomnia haunted me every night for years
  • battery-1
    Fatigue plagued me on a daily basis
  • child
    I barely had energy to keep up with my children 
  • frown-o
    My hair would fall out in alarming amounts in the shower
  • user-o
    My skin looked dull  
  • eye-slash
    Dark circles under my eyes were unflattering

When I met Chad, it quickly became clear that one of our mutual passions was primal and natural health. This was how we came across Functional Diagnostic Nutrition at Paleo(fx) 2016. On a whim, we registered for Reed Davis’s lecture on how to become an FDN Practitioner and our lives took a pivotal turn we could not have imagined.  After seeing the comprehensive nature of the FDN paradigm, we realized the powerful potential to transform the health of ourselves and those around us.

By implementing my own FDN protocol, I was able to walk around back pain-free in about 5 months. FIVE MONTHS! Talk about a transformation. During this time, my body composition also started to change. I started getting compliments on how I look instead of snarky remarks that I was too thin.

I went from muscly and super skinny, to filled out and toned. My friends and fitness instructors noticed.

With better body proportions, more muscle mass, and no more back pain (!!), I am now able to enjoy life with confidence and a glow that was absent before. My kids have a mom who is capable, strong, and has energy to get through the day.  My friends can rely on me to help them move, lift heavy objects, open pickle jars :p, play at the park, and patiently and compassionately listen and be present.

My clients can count on me as a dedicated, passionate coach who can draw from personal experience in addition to the vast Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® knowledge network to help them achieve their health goals.

If you’re ready to end your own cycle of trial-and-error, one-on-one coaching support from us at Anabolic Aces is one click away...