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Pole Dance And Pilates Classes At Polerize Studio

Come take Beginner Pole Dance and Mat Pilates classes from Natasha!

Polerize is a small studio located in Redmond, WA.

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All students must sign an online waiver here prior to participation in any class.

Polerize Class Schedule

Current Class Offerings

In Beginner Pole - we will warm up, learn skills and tricks, dance, and build a community!

In Conditioning for Pole - we will warm and then spend time training specific muscle groups, such as grip, lats, and abs - to allow us to practice pole dance safely and develop strength to learn cool new tricks! Don't worry, we'll have time to play too 😉

In Mat Pilates - I will create a Pilates experience to fit your needs and goals. Pilates is excellent for strengthening core and legs and the posterior muscle group in a safe and effective way. Private lessons are completely customized; group classes are tailored to meet as much of the group's needs as possible. I have 7 years of experience teaching Mat Pilates classes and I love love love doing privates so I can really focus on YOU and YOUR NEEDS!

All classes are 1 hour. Please wear pants for the warmup and tight-fitting shorts and short-sleeve or sleeveless tops for pole. It's a good idea to bring socks and knee pads (if you have them), a yoga mat, and a water bottle. I do have extras and would be happy to get you water if you forget. Maximum attendance in each class is 6, minimum is 2 (otherwise class will be cancelled). 

Private and Semi-Private Lesson are also available for Pole Dance skills, choreo, or competition prep, as well as Mat Pilates. Please email me at polerizestudio@gmail.com for scheduling options.

About Natasha

Natasha Hawthorn, aka Violet Vixen, is a certified Pilates method instructor and has been training / performing / competing in Pole Dance, Aerial Arts, and Acro since 2012.  She loves sharing her passion for artistic expression and fitness through Pole.


  • PSO 2015 Pacific Pole Championships, Los Angeles. Level 4 Championship Category
  • PSO 2015 Northwest Pole Championships, Seattle. Level 4 Entertainment Category, 2nd Place
  • PSO 2017 Northwest Pole and Aerial Championships, Seattle. Level 4 Dramatic Category, tie for 3rd Place
  • PSO 2018 Northwest Pole and Aerial Championships, Seattle. Level 4 Dramatic Category, tie for 3rd Place

Natasha has taken classes and/or workshops with pole stars such as: Suwasit, Marlo Fisken, Michelle Shimmy, Crystal Gibson, Sasja Lee, Oliver Pavick, Kelly Yvonne, Evgeniy Greshilov, Nicole the Pole, Jeni Janover, Accro Brandon, Seanmichael, Tiffany Rose Mockler, Amy Guion, Sam Star, Josiah *Bad Azz* Grant, Oona Kivela, Crystal Belcher, and more!

As Violet Vixen, Natasha has also made countless appearances at Public Performances and Student Shows throughout Seattle area at venues such as Suite Lounge at Hyatt in Bellevue, Seattle Pride Parade, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Knotty Yoga, Spinderella Studios, and Chrysalis Circus. She is also becoming the official Pole Dancer of one of the largest Ancestral Health events in the world - Paleo (fx) in Austin Texas!