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Success Stories

See firsthand the results our holistic lifestyle and supplement protocols can have on overcoming our client's chronic health conditions.

Each client's recommendations are guided by their comprehensive functional lab work and adjusted over time to be effective and sustainable.

Rachel B.

Published Author, QC for medical equipment company

Why We Started Working Together...

Rachel was experiencing persistent joint pain that was holding her back from her favorite activities and had severe digestive issues.  After going to doctors and getting tired of walking away having spent $$ on co-pays and office charges with NO answers, she started looking for solutions that actually work.

What She Said About Our Work Together...

Amy L.

Owner and CEO of Fusion Fitness

Why We Started Working Together...

Amy was living with low energy, joint pain, belly discomfort (big time), and she struggled to keep weight on. Being an entrepreneur, a fitness instructor, and a wife and mom of 2 kids, being sick a tired was cramping her style. Decades of seeing doctors hadn't gotten her very far.

What She Said About Our Work Together...

"Chad and Natasha were genuinely interested in my lifelong digestive struggles, the treatments I had undergone and their functional diagnostic nutrition expertise came through right from the start.

I love that what Chad and Natasha do is science based, first and foremost. Collect the personal data, complete testing to get a clear picture of the individual’s situation, and a custom plan to implement immediately, and build on throughout our time together.

Chad and Natasha are super supportive, promptly answer any and all questions, and understand what I’m going through, because they’ve not only been there themselves, but they understand how important troubleshooting and customizing for individuals is.

I am super grateful that after working with Chad and Natasha, my energy levels are through the roof. My strength, endurance, stamina, and mental clarity have skyrocketed. I have focus for all of my entrepreneurial duties, with energy and focus left over for all I want to do, basically to live life on my terms.

Joint pain is gone, digestive discomfort is managed, energy and clarity are at an all time high and I’ve gained 15lbs (and kept it on)!

Chad and Natasha’s attention to detail is above and beyond. The care and commitment they show for their clients and their craft is unmatched. I know this is why I’ve had such life changing results.

Thank you, Chad and Natasha, for giving me my life back!"

Jon O.

Construction Company Owner

Why We Started Working Together...

Jon was experiencing persistent joint pain, chronic fatigue, and low motivation that were holding him back being productive at work, running his business, and enjoying his active lifestyle. He knew he wanted to get to the root cause of his health issues instead of using a "band-aid" approach that kept getting him poor results.

His Result After Our Work Together...

Jon's food sensitivity test showed some surprising data that explained why his joints continued to hurt.

Even though at first he was skeptical that seemingly "normal" foods could be causing his symptoms, he reported that after eating pineapple while on vacation in Hawaii he immediately had severe pain in his joints!

Once he completely eliminated his reactive foods, his joint pain was significantly reduced.

Joan G.

Medical Insurance Coordinator

Why We Started Working Together... 

Chronic back  pain and stubborn weight gain that was resistant to diet and exercise for 20 years, chronic fatigue and low energy levels, and severe muscle cramping  that prevented her from enjoying activities.

What she said about our work together...

"Before working with Chad and Natasha, I had so many aches and pains throughout my 64 year old body that I felt like I was 80. 

My muscles hurt and I had no flexibility.  My joints hurt in my hands, knees and hips, so it was hard to move let alone exercise.  I had very little stamina and would get winded climbing stairs or walking. 

Even sleeping was hard because my back hurt when laying down and I couldn’t get comfortable.  I was exhausted all the time. When I woke up I was tired and had no energy during the day.

I am so grateful I have the opportunity to work with Chad and Natasha and with their help I have learned how my hormones are out of balance and what foods I am sensitive to.

Once I started following their recommendations and made lifestyle changes, and took the supplements they recommended, I started noticing improvements with my muscle and joint health, body composition and even my sleep and energy levels are improved. I was even able to stop all prescription medications.

Now at age 66 I move better, sleep better and enjoy life without the aches and pains. I am so thankful to Chad and Natasha for helping me with my health and wellness journey.

It has made such a difference to have their help and guidance because I tried so many things on my own prior to working with them and I just couldn’t do it by myself. It’s so worth it to get these kind of results."

This 77-minute video is a detailed case study we presented with AFDNP Director Brendan Vermiere showing the comprehensive nature of the work we do with our clients.

This video takes a deep dive in Joan's "metabolic chaos" and how we carefully supported her customized supplements and lifestyle recommendations to help reduce her back pain.

Jennifer W.

Massage Therapist, Yoga, Meditation +Wellness Coach

Why We Started Working Together... 

Despite living a very healthy lifestyle, Jennifer still felt constant fatigue, had poor immunity, aches and pains, and a variety of other symptoms. She started to wonder what she and her doctor were missing that was preventing her from feeling her best and most optimal self.

What she said about our work together...

Rian Y.

US Army Reserves

Why We Started Working Together... 

Rian was tired of experiencing symptoms and getting offered prescription medications which felt like band-aid solutions instead of getting to the root of his health issues.  His frequent and chronic gout attacks were getting to be too much even for this tough army guy. With a wife and a young son, Rian was motivated to get healthy so he could enjoy life with his family.

What He Said About Our Work Together...

Stephanie S.

Program Manager at Microsoft

Why We Started Working Together... 

Stephanie was really struggling when she found us.  She had immune issues that left her unable to to go work or take care of her kids, joint and muscle aches that kept her from practicing her beloved yoga and dance, and digestive issues that left her wondering what was safe for her to eat.  Doctors weren't helping her so she reached out to us for personalized, compassionate care and accountability.

What She Said About Our Work Together...

Zach B.

Account Executive and Sales Manager

Why We Started Working Together... 

High stakes tech career, former drummer with low-grade TBI, persistent neuro-inflammation, nerve pain and headaches all affecting his ability to get through the day with enough mental endurance and mood stability to do well at work and at home. Already tried a Paleo diet, gym workouts, and a multitude of supplements. Suspected food sensitivities and gut issues but never got clear on how to proceed.

What she said about our work together...

"Sooooo that focus thing you guys gave me? I think it kicked in because I felt super alert for the next few hours. I didn't feel "wired", just alert. I feel like the nitric stuff is the best for my head pressure. Whenever I feel tension or lack of blood flow the nitric stuff kicks things into gear and I love using it.

Long story short, I see this as a good thing and something worked. And I also woke up feeling better than I usually do in the morning.

You guys are such ballers. Keep it up. Been staying 100% consistent with everything lately, and I am having more good days!"

Tiffani H.

Painter, Executive Administrator

Why We Started Working Together... 

Tiffani had an acute episode of pneumonia and after going to doctors (TWICE) she reached out to Anabolic Aces for help. 

What She Said About Our Work Together...

Take a look at this video to hear her incredible story of recovery! She was ONE DAY away from getting admitted to a hospital and with our help she felt better within AN HOUR.  See how our precise, targeted supplement protocol knocked down the infection that antibiotics couldn't touch!

Bob V.

Retired Cable TV Engineer

Why We Started Working Together... 

Bob came to us with a whole host of symptoms ranging from very weak immunity to joint pain, deteriorating eyesight, fungal infections, poor body composition, short term memory loss, low energy, and more. 

What she said about our work together...

"I have enjoyed working with Natasha and Chad (the Anabolic Aces) for over a year for FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) counseling.

Their information and suggestions have helped me become significantly healthier with my immunity, improved energy, and better brain function.

They are strong and effective in an effort to stay aware of and trying out new options and protocols to the benefit of their clients

If you are considering FDN or any service that they may offer, I highly recommend them to you."

Andy C.

Senior Director of User Experience

Why We Started Working Together... 

Andy was concerned about inflammation, body composition, and risk of prostate cancer.  His doctors told him his cholesterol was high so he wanted to find a solution that didn't involve prescriptions.  Andy was driven to optimize his health so he didn't have to worry about it as he aged and so that he could maintain his active lifestyle.

What she said about our work together...

“I was one of Natasha and Chad's first clients, and from the very beginning it was clear that they had incredible passion and deep knowledge about nutrition and how to help people obtain their peak performance. Like many, I was struggling with that "last mile" of getting where I wanted to be physically and health-wise.

After the first several months, I learned more than I could have imagined (and I can imagine a lot!) about how to eat better and be healthier. And most importantly, I started seeing the results I was hoping for! I definitely got more toned, have fewer digestive issues, and maintain lots of energy.

Natasha and Chad have been great coaches, knowledge sources, advocates, and, um, reminders of what I need to do as things get busy!”

Della G.

CNA, Published Author, Hair Stylist

Why We Started Working Together... 

Della wanted to finally get to the root cause of her chronic sleep issues, poor immunity, and low energy levels.

What She Said About Our Work Together...

"I've never had a more personalized or successful health care plan. 

It's obvious Natasha and Chad truly want to help people by giving them the knowledge and tools to become as healthy as possible. Rather than treat symptoms, they helped uncover the causes of my health concerns, and helped me to bring everything back into balance.

I admit, I was a bit skeptical, having been to health care professionals practicing many different modalities, and never getting good results.

I feel better than I have in years, and the methods they use and advice they give are doable, sustainable, and WORK."

Natasha & Chad

Founders of Anabolic Aces Health Consulting

Why We Started Our Own Health Journeys.. 

Natasha struggled with back pain, mental fatigue, and a sluggish thyroid for 22 years before starting her own FDN protocol. Chad had chronic brain fog, 60 lbs of weight gain, adrenal burnout, and slow workout recovery.

 Our Results After Our Personal Protocols...

As you can see from our test results below, our own lifestyle and supplement protocols helped us reduce our food sensitivities, lower inflammation in our brains and bodies, improve our hormones and energy levels, and eliminated our chronic health symptoms!